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My Unity Toolbox

This is a series of articles I'm writing as an extended postmortem for Stacks On Stacks (on Stacks), a game I've been working on for five years. You can wishlist the game on Steam here .  This article is a lot more pragmatic and less theoretical than my previous ones. I'm going to run through all the Unity plug-ins we used on Stacks, assess how well they worked, and try to offer some helpful advice on choosing your own tools. In addition, I'll share some tools I'm excited to try out on our next project! InControl What: "A unified, cross-platform input manager for Unity that standardizes mappings for common controllers." Why: An input plugin is absolutely essential for working in Unity if you plan on supporting gamepads. The out-of-the-box Unity input is extremely limiting and can't account for many different controller types. An input plugin allows you to easily map

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